Our LIVE seal is a celebration that for more than 15 years we have dedicated exclusively to the organization of trips for Living Beings to the world. We know that pets are much more than just a parcel or one more charge at the airport, they require dedication and specialized treatment. LIVE is our identification as an expert company and passionate about making a pet's journey an exciting unforgettable adventure for him and his family.

More than 20 years ago I started working in the area of ​​Foreign Trade, I fell in love with seeing how the world worked and decided to study Engineering in International Trade. Already immersed in this area and always looking for a way to take this to a more personal level, I discovered that many pets had to travel with their owners because for work or study reasons, they found an opportunity outside the borders.

Each country seeks to protect his space from diseases that come from outside his territory, thus taking care of the well-being of its inhabitants, that is why the regulations for the entry of pets and animals in general are very strict. That is why, at times, this process turns into a stressful situation added to the pressure that moving from country itself has.

Also, airlines, customs, airport staff, etc. They have their own rules and the pet must comply with all of them to have a trip without schedules.

This is how Interfamily was born with the idea of ​​leading this whole process, relieving the owners and also advising it so that both the owners and their kitten or other puppies, go through this experience in the most calm way possible.

Our philosophy is based on doing a comprehensive job, considering all aspects of the trip. Our staff is in constant training and together we form a Pet Lover team, a space where we understand the concerns and apprehensions of their owners and make them our own.

Our commitment is to constantly monitor all stages of the process and if flight cancellations or any other eventuality occurs, our team will be ready to assist your pet and we will only be happy when their owners already have their little ones in their arms somewhere far away of our Latin America.


15 years ago INTERFAMILY became a member of IPATA "International Pet and Animal Transportation Association", being the first company in CHILE and PERU to be an active member. Since then, they have done constant work to improve international services for pets in Latin America.

In 2010 IPATA awarded our work with the “Millie Award” for the hard work done to help pets affected by the 27F earthquake, this award fills us with pride and reminds us that our love of animals is our strength .

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